Our Vision & Ethos

'Build Bridges to Success'

  • Personal Development and Building Relationships

  • Enjoying and Engaging in Education

  • Progression, Achievement and Attainment

At NTSSS & Moorbridge PRU we are committed to :

  • The highest quality Alternative Educational Environment and experience for all our learners

  • Improving the life chances of our young people by removing barriers to learning, participation and achievement. 

  • Working in partnership with ALL stakeholders involved with a pupil (Parents/Carers, Mainstream School, Family Partners, Educational Psychology service, language and communication team to name but a few)

  • Providing students with a tailored education to meet their individual needs, skills to improve their life chances, social skills, independence, self-motivation and respect for others as well as realising their potential developing self-respect and knowledge to be a good citizen

  • A stimulating and engaging  atmosphere in which motivation  and learning can thrive;

  • A caring, good-humoured and well-disciplined school;

  • An environment in which we can help everyone to flourish, to achieve and to feel safe, valued, regulate emotions thus allowing enabling learners to develop self esteem, confidence, self worth, engagement in education alongside qualifications which enable them to access successful future pathways.