Image by Jess Bailey

Welcome to North Tyneside Student Support Service

NTSSS works to engage and sustain learning for vulnerable and challenging young people.

We work with our students to improve attainment, progress, behaviour, attendance, self-esteem and confidence whilst providing skills to support excellent learning, development as responsible members of the community. We have high expectations and contribute to the well-being and cohesion of the community we serve.

We believe that provision based on teaching young people how to achieve in core subjects, in managing personal behaviours and in developing employability skills is vital to success for all learners.

We deliver Alternative Provision which recognises that students are all individuals with different strengths and weaknesses, acknowledging that mainstream education is not for everyone

We provide our students with a chance to engage in education whilst preparing to reintegrate back into a mainstream school environment; students may find alternative placements supported by Moorbridge PRU, North Tyneside School Support Team, North Tyneside SARS Team and the North Tyneside Fair Access Process or develop a range of skills to prepare them for employment, apprenticeship or other study routes beyond 16.